Saw & Mitre Workshop Tour

Thought I'd give a little tour of our workshop on the Journal today.  It's not fancy,  it gets really hot in the summer,  it's only a short drive to the beach (when the surfs good), but its home and it more than gets the job done.  

Here are a couple photos of our digs.  The first two are from the open workshop were I keep all our wood working equipment, packing supplies, etc.  It's where most of the building process of the frames takes place.  Once it comes time to mount prints, they move into the office area.  (There's enough room to skate board around too!)

The Saw & Mitre Frame Co. workshop

The Saw & Mitre Frame Co. workshop.

It's a family owned warehouse that were in and those are some of my father's hunting trophy's up on the wall.  It only gets creepy having those things looking over my shoulder when I'm here working alone late at night!  

The Saw & Mitre Frame Co. workshop.

Inside the office section of the workshop is a little corner of space where I do most of the product photography.   In fact, this is currently my view as I sit and write this post.

The Saw & Mitre Frame Co. workshop.

Inside the office space is a separate office area where I do the mounting of prints.  As you can see on the back wall, there are a number of projects in the works that are stored there until completion.  

The Saw & Mitre Frame Co. workshop.

Here is the other corner of my interior workshop.  Most of the supplies I need are kept in the shelving there along with a large paper trimmer.

The Saw & Mitre Frame Co. workshop.

The front door.  We're located just on the outskirts of a large Navy airbase.  Most days the sky above is frequented by (really loud) F-18 fighter jets.  

Hope you enjoyed!  If you're ever in Virginia Beach, let me know, I'd love to give you a tour in person! 

- David



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Nataliya Lalor

What an AMAZING space, David! Clearly it’s where the work gets done!

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