About Us

Saw & Mitre Frame Company

As a passionate photographer I began the search for high quality frames for my work.  I have always believed that there is a story and texture behind photographs that becomes lost when only viewed on a screen.  There is something uniquely powerful about selecting the final edited image to be printed and displayed.  A frame should serve the same purpose to a photograph as an amplifier would for a great musician.  Its purpose is not to distract from the image or be the focus, but only deepen the art and the way it is viewed.

When I was unable to find the frames I had envisioned, I decided to begin designing and building them myself.  In the Spring of 2014, after a year of working on this project, I decided to quit my corporate job and devote myself to bringing my passion for high quality, expertly crafted frames to life.  Saw & Mitre isn't a big company, nor do I plan for it to be.  I want to create a relationship with the photographers I work with.  Each frame that goes out the door is made by me.  Even though we may not meet face to face, the tactile process of working with an artists print helps me to get to know them and their work in a unique way and I truly value that trust.  

My Philosophy

I started Saw & Mitre in order provide tangible value to our customers.  I firmly believe in buying a quality product once rather than a poorly made product several times.

Here's how I do it:

Commitment to quality.

My hope with each frame we build is that it will be hanging on your wall for decades to come.  I curate the finest American lumber and museum grade matting and materials for every frame.  Each frame is hand-made and backed by either our 50-Year Craftsmanship Guarantee or our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (depending on the frame purchased).

I am not a printer (yet!) and until that day comes, I work with some of the best photographic print labs in the country to print your work.  Each photograph is individually printed and inspected by me for quality and color accuracy. 

Simple, reusable frames.  

Often with custom frames you are bound to the same image for the lifetime of the frame.  My frames are made the way museums and galleries prefer for them to be made - to be reused for various exhibits over a long period of time.  

Thoughtful design.

Typical store bought frames often remove the subtle elegance and visual appeal of traditional matting techniques in favor of mass market friendly sizes.  From the wood used to the matting proportions, the frames I make have been thoughtfully designed in order to give your photographs the greatest aesthetic appeal possible.  Once you have spent hours pouring over the final edit and print of your photograph, I believe the frame and display should carry equal consideration.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you feel the love put into this company and the frames I make.  


Founder & Craftsman, Saw & Mitre Frame Co.