Setting Up Shop

I've been stacking and storing frames and matting in my house for too long!  It's time to move into our own space.   After looking at rental spaces over the past several months in my spare time, we pulled the trigger and purchased a warehouse that will serve my burgeoning business as well as other various purposes for my family (fishing equipment, old furniture, etc. etc.). Over the past several weekends my dad and I have been steadily moving wood working equipment (and other things I don't need to store in my garage any more) into the warehouse.

I'm still organizing where everything will go and what I will need but I want to take a few weeks to get used to the space to determine how best to utilize it.  

To start though, I've purchased two maple top, Gladiator workbenches from Lowes.  So far I've been very pleased with them.  I pushed them back-to-back to make one large work area.  The benches are sturdy and the maple tops are smooth and will provide a good work surface. 

I'll continue to post updates as I make this space my own.

Thanks for checking in!


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