Why Square?

For our first product available for sale I wanted to do something a bit unorthodox.  For goodness sakes, who would start a company selling only square frames?  [Sheepishly raises hand] I guess I am.

In the film photography world, the aspect ratio of a printed photograph speaks not just to the editing software that was used to crop it, but it tells you the photographers intention.  There is a deliberate choice being made,whether out of necessity or because the artist intentionally chose the format to convey a specific message. Of course, now we have the ability to crop digitally in any format we choose, but when you know a little bit about the context of the photographers choices and constraints, it adds to the texture and story of the final image.  

About two years ago I purchased a second-hand Hasselblad 500cm medium format film camera.  In part because I wanted to explore the creative and technical challenges afforded by such an instrument, but also in part because it was a thing of beauty.  Much like the Leica rangefinders I enjoy using, the Hasselblad feels 'right' in your hand.  Similar to the Leica's, the camera has stood the test of time, there is a reason for that.  Even though my first results were pretty terrible, I fell in love with looking at the world through the square viewfinder of the Hasselblad. 

So whether it be an iPhone setting, on your computer, or in camera, I hope you'll be encouraged to print your work square.  I think there's a classic and timeless feeling that comes with it.  Below is a photograph from the first roll of film I shot with my Hasselblad 500cm.  Nothing special, but the start of working in a new medium.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't attempt a shameless plug for our square series frames.  I've spent countless hours looking a lot of different framing options for square photographs, and I think the designs and the proportions of our square series frames perfectly compliment the printed work.  



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Mary Elizabeth Stone

Go square! Love it!

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