Photography: Two Evenings in Acadia National Park

I spent two evenings along the same stretch of coast within Acadia National Park.  As is the case when you have limited time to be in a landscape it's often difficult to come away with meaningful photographs.  The first two images were taken on the first evening and the following four on the second.  I felt I rushed my work on the first night.  I was merely trying to take in the grand scene in front of me, and the photographs reflect that.  They are pulled back and removed.  Because of this, I decided to go back to the same stretch of coast the second night.  I intentionally decided to hike and walk around before making any images.  This allowed me to get more involved in the landscape.  To notice the shapes of the rocks, the lines in the cracks, and the way the water washed over the boulders.  Because of this I felt I was able to make more compelling photographs.

All photographs taken on a Nikon D300s and edited in Adobe Lightroom.

Evening 2

During the second day of our trip, we rented a 20" center console boat out of Northwestern Harbor to explore the coast from the water.  What we found was quintessential Maine. 


Matt Allen

Awesome work, love it — both the photos and the frame business. Let me know when you start doing frames for large scale paintings :)


Very nice!

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