A True Football (Soccer) Fan

The World Cup started yesterday and I am unbelievably excited.  To share that excitement I thought I would post the photograph above from a Manchester United - Chelsea soccer match in May 2011.  It was a dream come true for me to visit Old Trafford to see Manchester United play as I have supported the team since I was a kid.  This photograph pretty much sums up to me what it means to be a supporter of any team.  

To add to the experience, one of these lovely gentleman sitting behind me (not sure who) serenaded me throughout the entire game with an almost constant stream of expletives and game commentary.  All part of the atmosphere.   

Manchester United ended up winning the game 2 - 1 and the win meant that they almost guaranteed the Premier League championship.  I took this photograph shortly after Manchester United scored their second goal.  You can't begin to imagine the craziness that erupts in the stadium when the team scores.  After going cheering and going crazy myself, I noticed the man with his arms stretched out and screaming me and quickly turned to take it.  

Glory glory Man United!  Enjoy the the World Cup and GO USA!






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