Before & After: Reframing Chris Burkard's Award Winning Photograph

Written by David Rathbone - July 10 2014


July 23 2014

Hi Ernot! Thanks for the comment. Apologies for the delay in responding.

Yes, we actually use a clear acrylic instead of glass. There are a couple key benefits. The main advantage is the durability of acrylic is much better than glass without any performance loss. Shipping large plates of glass can be dicey and using acrylic removes that risk. Its also a bit lighter than glass which reduces the strain on the frame over its lifetime.

Our frames come with clear Acrylite acrylic. This is museum grade and is manufactured in the United States.


Ernot Sanes
July 19 2014

I really like that aricle, it clearly shows the benefits of the new framing with lighter border-width and added depth to the frame.

The presented images just brings off more of it’s details, while fading the frame’s features a bit more to the background, still supporting and holding the image, though.

One question I’ve got and didn’t find on your site is, if you your frames are used with or without glass in the front? And if using glass, will it be museum-quality glass?

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