Framing Artifact Uprising’s 8” x 8” [Signature] Prints

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About a month ago I found a great company in Colorado called, Artifact Uprising.  After reading a little bit about the company's philosophy on their website, I felt a little bit like a I found kindred spirit in the way they feel about the printed photograph.  So I thought I would purchase two of their 8” x 8” prints for $30 to frame in some of our hand crafted frames for that size photograph.  I’m really happy with the results.  

I chose to print two photographs from a recent trip I took to Acadia National Park.  They are framed with two of our Square Series frames for 8” x 8” photographs.  The prints themselves are unique in that they are printed on rather thick card stock.  It's pretty similar in texture and thickness to typical frame matting.  Because of this there is a different texture to the prints than what is typically found from matte photographs printed from a lab.  There's a muted undertone to the printed image which is aesthetically very pleasing.  

After mounting the prints I took a few photographs in our workshop. Enjoy!

(It is also worth noting that the printed images themselves are not 8" x 8" though the card stock is.  As you can see from the images below, this leaves a little less than an inch of border between the print and the matting.  It makes for a very classic look and leaves room for a signature below the image.)

First Print: Framed in American Walnut w/ Dark Brown, Oil and Wax Finish

I decided to frame this print in our dark brown walnut frame for a two reasons.  First, the rocks in the foreground and in the distance of the photograph have varying shades of brown.  A black frame would have also looked great with this image, however after examining both, I felt that the dark brown tones of our walnut frame really tied the whole viewing experience together.  The second reason I wanted to frame at least one of these prints in walnut is because the northeast and Maine in particular is known for its beautiful timber.  Within Acadia National Park itself there are also tons of beautiful trees.  So on a personal level and remembering my trip, it felt right to have one of my prints hanging in a more visibly rich wood such as walnut.

Close-up view of the frame and print.  

Second Print:  Framed in American Maple w/ Black Satin Finish

I decided to frame this print in black maple as the photograph has more dark undertones in the foreground rocks.  Also, if you look at the general color palette of the print it's mainly comprised of purple, blue, and black.  Adding our black satin finish maple frame really makes the blue and purple hues stand out.  A different color frame would take away from the experience of viewing the photograph by drawing your eye to a distinctly different color surrounding the image.   

That's the essence of what a frame should be.  It should be beautiful in an of itself, however, it shouldn't be the showpiece - the artwork should be what people are talking about.  The frame should merely enhance the viewing experience.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record (but I love this metaphor!), a frame should serve the same purpose to the print as an amplifier does to a great guitarist.  At a concert, no one in the audience knows what type of amp the guitarist is using (unless you're really into that sort of thing).  It's usually behind the musicians and doesn't hold center stage; the artist does.  The amplifier is the conduit by which the musician to presents their art.  The same holds true for a frame.  


Close-up view of the maple frame and print.


Thanks for reading and make sure to take a look at the inspiring things that are going on at Artifact Uprising.  They also make beautiful photo books.  I plan on switching to them when I make my yearly family photo book at the end of the year.

To frame your Artifact Uprising prints using one of our hand crafted frames, simply choose the “frame only” option at checkout.  Included with your purchase are all the necessary materials to mount the photograph yourself.  As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions at

Our 8” x 8” wood frames can be found here.  For just the frame, prices start at $205 for maple frames and $225 for walnut.  Our metal frames for 8” x 8” photographs start at $115.  

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