New Frame Designs! Back to the Basics

We're really excited to show off some of our newest frame designs for the more traditional 4 x 5 aspect ratio for photographic prints. Over the past month we've been tweaking the designs on each of these frames and feel that they are finally ready to prime time.  

For years, and often still today, most frames were available in the 4 x 5 aspect ratio (8" x 10", 16" x 20", etc.).  With the advent of digital photography and the digital darkroom, photographers now have unlimited cropping options at their fingertips and new print sizes have risen in popularity such as 8" x 12" and 16" x 24" to name a few.  Because there were so few good option

s for these size prints, we decided to design frames for that aspect ratio prior to moving on to others (except square, of course).  Printing photographs and designing frames for the 4 x 5 aspect ratio for the past month has really made me appreciate the simplicity and timelessness of it.  Take a look below and let us know what you think.  

Frames for 16" x 20" Photographs

Pictured above is the newest addition to our Landscape Series frames. A 100% American grown and made walnut frame for 16" x 20" horizontally cropped photographs.  Available in Maple (Black, White, and Honey) or Walnut (Dark Brown).  Prices starting at $295.  

From our Portrait Series frames, above is a maple frame in white for vertically oriented 16" x 20" photographs.  It's also available in maple with a black or honey colored finish and walnut with a dark brown finish.  As seen above, the white really goes well with black and white photographs.  Prices also starting at $295.

The key distinguishing feature between our Landscape and Portrait Series frames is that each frame is designed specifically with the orientation of the photograph in mind.  We have added slightly more matting to the bottom of the frame to give the photograph more visual weight.  When compared next to typical frame shop or store bought frames, this difference really stands out and adds a more sophisticated, exhibition quality to your artwork.  

Frames for 8" x 10" Photographs

Frame for an 8" x 10" horizontally cropped photograph shown in maple with a black satin finish.  Also available in black, white, and dark brown.  Prices starting at $160.  

The beauty of using maple and staining it various colors such as black and white is that the wood grain does not show through the stain.  This leaves a smooth and refined surface on the wood and provides a very contemporary look to your artwork and your home.  

And finally, from our Portrait Series, a frame for vertically cropped 8" x 10" photographs.  Prices starting at $160.  

This maple frame is shown in a clear lacquer finish that brings out the rich, natural tones of the maple.  We like to call it honey.

As always, each of these frames is available for purchase via our website.  You can either purchase the frame by itself (with mounting supplies provided) or we will print your photograph, mount it, and ship it directly to you.  Just select the "Your Print & Frame" option at checkout.  

Tell us what you think about the new designs in the comments below.  Do you prefer the 4 x 5 aspect ratio when cropping your photographs or 4 x 6?  

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