Video Inspiration: Moonlight and the Sony A7s

Recently, I've been giving the Sony full-frame mirrorless camera system a lot of thought.  I've used (and been happy with) Nikon's line of cameras and lenses for over a decade.  However, the low-ISO capabilities capabilities of this camera are astounding.  The camera can basically see in the dark.  While I'm sure the other manufacturers will catch up in the coming years, it's cool to see what is being made possible with this new technology.  Case in point, this video I came across the other day shot completely under moonlight by Carbon Studios. 

While I might not be plunking down a sizable chunk of change anytime soon to switch from Nikon to Sony, I may give the A7s and a lens a go for a week by using Borrow Lenses or Lens Rentals.  A much easier and cheaper alternative to experience the low-ISO quality of the camera.   

If you've got an A7s let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.  

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