Coming Soon: New Frame Designs

The past couple weeks we've been busy working on some new frame designs.  Here's a sneak peek of at our new designs for 11" x 14" photographs...

Over the next couple months we are going to be partnering with lots of great photographers and giving away some stunning photographs.  Make sure to follow us on Instagram to get the latest details.  Have a great weekend everybody! 



Hi James! Great question. We do it both ways, to be honest. Depending upon the time of day in our workshop the light can be harsh so we’ll remove the acrylic so the background reflections don’t get in the way. Using a polarizer filter helps cut down on the glare but it’s difficult to remove it completely.

We do not use non-reflective glazing on our frames at this time.

Thanks for stopping in!

James Bell


Your frames look fantastic and presented beautifully on your website. Can I ask, do you photograph your frames without glazing as I don’t see any reflection or do you use non reflective glazing?


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