Instagram Meets Fine Art

Today we're really excited about the launch of our new line of Instagram friendly fine art frames.  These days incredible imagery is made everyday from our phones.   

Now available in our classic wood frames and introducing four new colors of metal frames, matted silver, gunmetal, white and frosted walnut.  Check them out! 

Above: Four of our new Instagram friendly metal frames.  Clockwise from top right:  Matted Silver, Frosted Walnut, White, and Gunmetal.  See the image below for better color detail. 

Above:  From top to bottom; Frosted Walnut, Matted Silver, Gunmetal, White, Black

Above: Gunmetal frame for a 5" x 5" photograph

Above:  Our line of cameraphone friendly frames is also available in our handcrafted wood frames.  Shown in dark brown walnut but also available in white, black, or honey.  

For each of the frames, purchase just the frame or upload your photo and we will print, mount and frame your photograph for you.  

Shop the entire collection here

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