New Print Options Added!

In an effort to continuously improve our products and services, we’re really excited to announce that we now have three print options now available; lustre, glossy, and metallic.   

Which is best for your photograph?  

There are benefits to each option of print and it is mainly a personal preference.  For years I was solely printing my work on lustre papers as I loved the slight textured surface it provided.  However, recently, when doing research for this launch, I began to appreciate the metallic paper.  Here’s a quick guide to helping choose.  

Lustre Prints

The semi-gloss finish of the paper reduces glare and provides a slight textured feel to the print.  Excellent colors and skin tones.  

Glossy Prints

Most vibrant colors with a reflective, glossy surface.  

Metallic Prints

Similar to glossy paper, the colors and tones of the metallic paper are the very vibrant.  The metallic base to the paper creates a slight three dimensional depth to the photo (in my opinion).  The surface of the paper is highly reflective.  

All of our prints are fulfilled by the experts over at White House Custom Color.  I’ve tested a number of the various printers around the country and for digital work, these guys are spot on.  They came highly recommended to me from several photographers and I’m excited to be working with them.  

Choosing between the print options is easy.  On the product page, just select from either lustre, glossy, or metallic after choosing your frame type.  After check out you can either upload your photograph file on the "Thank You" page or email it to 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out via the comments or send an email to

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