The Grand Canyon with Michael Strickland

If you follow us on Instagram, a couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to share some of the photographs of the talented, Michael Strickland.  Michael is a landscape photographer based in Kansas.  He's our kind of landscape photographer and loves to work in large film and panoramic formats.  He has spent a lot of time photographing the Grand Canyon and he was kind enough to share some of the photographs and the stories behind them with us.  

Make sure to check out Michaels website for more of his beautiful work.  Also give him a follow on his Instagram account.

All photographs and captions courtesy of Michael Strickland.  


"A self portrait as I stand on the edge of the great cliffs of Toroweap, far on the northwestern rim of the Grand Canyon. This isolated area of the canyon has a shear 3000 foot drop directly to the Colorado River and is by far one of my favorite areas of the world I have ever visited. It’s truly breathtaking." 

Departing Blizzard

"I began photographing the Grand Canyon without a photographic vision, still experimenting with all aspects of photography to try to find the medium that made me tick. I visited the Grand Canyon on a family vacation and was greeted with some of the most mind blowing weather and light. I photographed this from an overlook on the south rim as a strong blizzard passed through shortly before sunset."

Into the Depths

"On my return visit to the Grand Canyon in winter, I was again greeted with nearly 2 feet of snow, sub zero temperatures and a canyon shrouded in a thick layer of fog. I waited for nearly a week, returning morning after morning for hopes of a sunrise. On one of my final mornings, the sun showed itself for only a few seconds as the fog broke. The canyon was bathed in a golden light that reflected into the depths to the Colorado River only to quickly be hidden again by the thick fog."

The Guiding Light

"On my most recent visit to the canyon, I arrived the day before a large monsoonal moisture system was due to arrive. I perched myself at Lipan Point on the far eastern edge of the South Rim  for about an hour, riding out an intense thunderstorm. As soon as the storm moved off to my east, the sun broke through another band, shining through bands of rain, creating a magical glow deep within the canyon." 

The Summer Monsoons

"The sun sets through bands of rain from a distant storm, illuminating the distinct mountainous layers of the Grand Canyon."

The Guardian

"When rafting the Colorado, one of the final hurtles to pass is Lava Falls. Many of those rafting will offer one final prayer to the angelic-esque white deposit on the canyon wall before crossing Lava Falls."
Thanks again to Michael for sharing his beautiful work with us!  More of his beautiful imagery can be found here
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