New Logos!

Over the past several months we’ve been working with our friend, and talented graphic designer, Joshua Minnich to create two new logo variations for Saw & Mitre.  Josh specializes in hand drawn work that has the feel of old hand painted signs.  

For the first logo (pictured below) we wanted to pay homage to logos and handles from old saws.  I love the old logo of the Simonds Saw Company.  The leaves at the end of the word Mitre are drawn from saw handles a most old saws have this type of decorative inlay on them.  The combined S and M at the top is something that Josh came up with that I really like.  It reminded me of the crest of the college I went to (William & Mary) so I felt it paid even more homage to our Virginia roots.

For the second logo we wanted to make a stamp that used elements from the first logo.  

Make sure to check out Josh’s site for more of his work (follow him on Instagram here).  And (teaser) we may be working on a new project together that is an idea I’ve had in my head for awhile.  Josh is the man to get it onto paper.  We’ll keep you posted once it’s ready.

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