Fly Fishing Patagonia with Matt Jones

Matt Jones is a Dallas based advertising and commercial photographer whose clients include Costa Del Mar, Loon Outdoors, and Mountain Dew to name a few.  If you spend anytime with Matt though, you'll quickly find out that he loves to fish.  His travels over the last few years have taken him to rivers, lakes and oceans all over the world.  One of his favorite areas though is the Patagonian region of Argentina.  Were grateful that Matt is willing to share some of his photographs with us today.  Even if your not a fly fisherman, by the end of this post you'll likely want to pack your bags, grab a fishing rod, and head south!  Enjoy and thanks, Matt for sharing!  

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View of the incredible Fitz Roy in southern Patagonia, Argentina.

Sunset view of an angler fishing for brook trout on the Corcovado River in Patagonia.

Angler and his guide drifting the banks of a gin clear lake in the Rio Pico area.

A close-up of the beautiful scales a male brook trout displays when in spawn.

An angler and guide casting the banks of Rio Futaleufú.

Up close and personal with a spawning male brook trout taken on a gurdle bug. Corcovado River, Patagonia Argentina.

Release of a massive male brook trout in spawning colors.

Grand view of the incredible Rio Futaleufú in Patagonia, Argentina.

View from the trees of anglers fishing the exceptionally remote Frey River in the Alerces National Park, Patagonia Argentina.

Thanks again, Matt.  Now get out there an explore!  

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