The Canadian Rockies with Andrew Lunt

Last week we were in the high Sierra's on the John Muir Trail.  This week we're taking you to the Canadian Rockies through up and coming photographer, Andrew Lunt.  After seeing his work below, it may surprise you to know that Andrew is fairly new to the art of photography; having picked up a camera for the first time in 2013.  Based in Canmore, Alberta, Andrew lives just beyond the southeast border of the beautiful Banff National Park.  In winter, photographing as Andrew does, is not for the faint of heart.  He is certainly committed to his craft; braving sub-zero temperatures and the ever present possibility of falling through an ice crack on a frozen lake, make the stories behind his images just as interesting as the photographs themselves.  We're grateful to have Andrew share his photographs and a little bit of the stories behind them with us today! 

All photos and captions by Andrew Lunt.  Make sure to check out more of his work on his website where prints of these photographs as well as many others are available for sale.  

Mt. Rundle, Banff National Park, Canada

"Views like this make it worth bundling up in -37 to get out for that shot. Wandering the shores of vermillion lakes I noticed one of the only parts of the lake that still hadn't been frozen.  A perfect strip of water leading into the perfect view. I risked the ice cracking and ending up with wet feet to get out on the lake and enjoy this perfect moment."

Castle Mountain, Banff, Canada

"Castle is one of my favorite mountains in Banff.  Seeing a river frozen like the bow river freezes here is incredible.  It adds a feeling of a battle ground at the foot of the Castle. I had to carefully step out onto some thin ice on the edge of the river to be able to get into a good spot for this photo. It always adds a sense of excitement."

 Devils Thumb, Banff

"Looking down on one of the most visited places in Banff National Park is an awesome feeling.  The hike up the Devils Thumb was a slippy trudge in the snow but all made worth it with the view that greeted us at the top."

Elbow Falls, Alberta

"I never photographed this location as it usually a busy spot for tourists in the summer.  Not on this day though.  I had the whole place to myself and was able to get my version of this classic view."

 "Frozen Eye", Alberta

"Walking out on a frozen lake is not always recommended however in the middle of winter in Alberta you can pretty much guarantee its going to be ok. That is until you come across an open spot of thin ice. To me this looked like an eye into the lake.  A place you certainly wouldn't want to venture near."

Johnston Canyon, Banff

“Water is an incredible force.  Carving out valleys, changing paths of rivers and creating incredible waterfalls.  In the winter I find it amazing how the falls can be frozen solid yet there is still a steady flow of water behind the ice.  Something I had never seen before.  It’s crazy how the temperatures can get so low to freeze such a powerful source yet still some manages to get through."

Ice Fishing, Alberta

"A moody day in Alberta doesn't stop people getting outside. Driving the spray valley road in Kananaskis I spotted this lonely ice fisherman setting up for his day out. I wanted to capture the sheer scale of the area against the man, showing just how small we really are."

Moose, Alberta

"An incredible morning spent with what to me is one of the most beautiful animals. To get up close and spend time with a wild animal is one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever had.”  

Two Jack Lake, Banff

"I find it amazing how a fresh snow fall and some wind can change the landscape so dramatically.  Standing on the frozen Two Jack lake it was filled with hundreds of wind blown shapes offering a simple foreground to a majestic view."

Mount Rundle, Banff

"As the lakes begin to freeze in Alberta we are treated to beautiful ice formations and still able to get a beautiful reflection. I wanted to capture the arrival of winter as the lakes slowly began to freeze showing the reflection for the last time until spring arrives."

Thanks again to Andrew for sharing with us!   Do you have a portfolio or series of work you'd like to have featured on our blog or Instagram account?   Send us an email to info@sawandmitre with a link to your work.  


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