#frameyourwork | Saw & Mitre + Joel Bear

This past Fall we had an idea.  We wanted to get our frames out into beautiful landscapes to show a framed work of art in front of the actual art (a landscape in this case).  The goal of the project being to encourage photographers to frame their work.  To execute the project we enlisted California based photographer, Joel Bear.  Joel was excited by the concept and we couldn't wait to see what his creativity brought back.  After a couple conversations we landed on Big Sur in California as the ideal location for this project.  It's mixture of mountains, ocean, waterfalls, and scenic roadways would make a perfect place to carry out our original concept.  So in late October, Joel and his wife Maggie headed up the coast from their home in Southern California for a week of camping and photographing in Big Sur.  Below are the images of what they came back with and we couldn't be more excited.


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