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We are honored/humbled/excited to be running several giveaways with photographer, blogger, and author extraordinaire, David Duchemin this week.  But before we get into a little bit about David, first things first, the FREE framed photographs!.   

There are THREE ways to win one of David’s framed prints (hint, one of them is right here!).

#1.  To win THIS framed print (below), just subscribe to our email list at the bottom of this page or add a comment to the blog post.  For the comment nothing much more needs to be done than saying “Hi” or “I’m in”.    (2nd hint:  when choosing the winner we’ll double weight those folks that subscribe to our newsletter giving you 2x the chance to win! Plus, we promise not to spam you :)

#2. To win THIS framed print (below), go to David’s website and leave a quick comment on his blog post...#3. To win THIS print (below), go to David’s Instagram account and leave a comment.Giveaway details

  • Winners must live in the US or Canada
  • To enter just leave a comment on any of the three locations outlined above
  • Winners will be announced a week from today

On to a little bit about David.  As mentioned he is a photographer who plies his trade brilliantly among several different genres.  He’s make his photographic living working as a humanitarian photographer for various not-for-profits around the developing work.  He’s also quite an accomplished author, having served up many an inspirational and informative blog posts via his website, but also in print through instant-classic photography titles such as Within the Frame, Photographically Speaking, and VisionMongers to name a few (all which sit on my personal bookshelf).  Finally, David is the “accidental” (as he calls it) founder of Craft & Vision, an e-publishing company that regularly publishes e-books for photographers and creatives as extremely affordable prices.  Make sure to check them out.  They are a tremendous resource for photographers.  

I’ve been personally following David’s work and blog since I worked for one of the nonprofit organizations David photographed for early in his transition to full-time photographer.  I never met David at the time, but I often would work with his images in our marketing materials, giving me, or at least what felt like to me, a deeper connection with his work.  Being able to constantly see it in print on my desk and on my computer screen.  So to now be able to work with David’s prints feels a bit full circle.  And as such, it’s an absolute thrill and honor to bring these photographs to you today in this giveaway.  

Each of these grizzly bear prints in this giveaway is framed in our series of handcrafted frames for 16” x 9” photographs.  The frames are made of American grown maple sourced from Vermont.  The photographs are printed on high-quality Kodak lustre paper and mounted behind the highest quality 8-ply mat board that we can find.  David made these images over the last several years on trips to visit the grizzlies in his home province of British Columbia.  

Good luck! 

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Kathy Winter

I love David’s work!

Saw & Mitre - David Rathbone

Thanks so much to everyone for joining in the David Duchemin giveaway. The winner is [drum roll please…] Donna Hopkins! We’ll be in touch soon! Until next time!

Michael Jaehnig


John Annand

I am total sucker for green meadows framed by misty mountains

Josh Hansen

This is a sweet pic! Count me in (:

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