Why Prints? By photographer Will Wohler

This post, by our friend and Saw & Mitre Artist Partner, Will Wohler, originally appeared on www.willwohler.com

As I grow as a photographer, and as a person, I am finding little things that make me happy. In this digital age, those things are not digital at all, rather analog and tactile. From handwriting notes in a notebook, to finely crafted products, to physical prints hanging on the wall or stored for later viewing. These things kind of take me back to a time where digital EVERYTHING was not the norm and it was the present, physical experience that we were forced to have. That’s why I am a huge proponent of printing images and advocate that to my clients. Let me explain a little more.

Prints are permanent and are not afflicted by advances in technology or sudden technical failure. They can be displayed however you want and be passed down for generations to come. Something I have come to appreciate after inheriting my father’s photo collection after his passing. These prints mean so much more to me than I would have ever expected. Growing up and seeing the prints and picture frames all over his house was a little embarrassing, but humbling at the same time. I knew he loved me and that was how he showed it and was his constant reminder of his priorities. We would sit on the the floor in his living room, or at family holiday get togethers, and stories would be told about the memories tied to each image. The sheer amount of photographs he had was amazing and shows a life lived and family he loved. These were the first things I loaded into my car to take back with me after cleaning out his apartment. I have had plans to sort through these and figure out how to show them off, even if I am the only one to see them, but time has been a little scarce lately. 

I wish the same for my clients now. Digital is convenient and instant. But prints, prints are timeless and enlist a special feeling as the memories associated with them come flooding back. Please take the time to print your family memories and proudly hang them in a prominent place. They will be there to greet you upon waking and before you go to bed and as you pass through your day. One day those people in the images may not be with us and those will be the only things you have left, make them good ones. Insist on being in photographs not just for you but for your family.

Thanks to Will for sharing his thoughts and words with us.  Check out more of his beautiful portrait work here.  

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