Video Post: How To Replace Prints in Under 2 Minutes

Trying something new here today.  Never done this before but I thought I would try my hand at making a few video posts to demonstrate a few things about our frames.  Today I want to show how quick and easy it is to swap out prints in our frames with our Easy Mount Replacement Prints.  One of the unique things with how we make out frames is that you aren't stuck with just one print.  As time goes on, you can easily change prints in your frame.  With anything I framed prior to startingSaw & Mitre I always had heartburn over which print to choose because in most cases, you were wedded to that particular image for as long as you had the frame.  I set out to change that with our frames. 

So here is me, David, doing my best Bob Villa impression :)

Thanks for watching!  Hopefully more to come!  Shoot me an email with any questions -


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