Kind Words. Donna Hopkins

Over the past few months I've had the pleasure of working with Donna Hopkins on an exhibit of her work in Fredericksburg, VA.  Last week Donna and her husband made the 3 hour drive from Fredericksburg to Virginia Beach to pick up her order in person.  She was kind enough to take a few photographs of me and include a write up of her experience on her blog.  Take a look here. 

In an online world it so great to put a face to a name.  I've intentionally created an online business that doesn't have much of a retail/storefront experience and I get to know most clients over email or phone calls, so its fun to meet face to face for a change.  For instance, Donna and I learned we both attended the same university, and had much more in common than we would have previously thought.  I can't thank Donna enough for her trust in framing her work.  

Here is a quick excerpt of her writing: 

"I value quality over quantity. I have a deep appreciation for all things handcrafted and homegrown. I see wholesomeness and integrity in things made with conscious and careful effort. I try to support local farmers, artists, and makers of all sorts wherever and whenever I can.

So it should come as no surprise that I chose David Rathbone of Saw & Mitre in Virginia Beach to frame my photographs for my upcoming exhibit, Where Inspiration Lives. I will take my turn as Artist in the Library for the month of July where I will showcase pictures from in and around Fredericksburg. This is my home, my place, and surely where inspiration lives.

David designs and builds exquisite frames. He is a passionate and accomplished photographer and understands that quality frames deepen the value and experience of a photograph. He cares about what he makes and grows his business with the courage of his convictions."  

- Donna Hopkins

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