2nd Annual Photo Book Wish List

I've been doing this for several years (on my own) and last year I decided to turn it into a blog post.  Now I'm back with the second edition!  

One of my favorite things to receive from family on Christmas are photo books - the big coffee table kind. I believe strongly in both printing ones own work also studying the printed work of others in order to improve your photographic eye.   I also love spending cold winter evenings by the fire thumbing through these books and I look forward to receiving a new stack each year :) 

Most of these photographers, like Joel Sternfeld and Rodney Smith, for instance, are artists with whom I haven't had much exposure to yet.  Some of the books included are that of iconic photographers whose work is deemed a "must have" for your bookshelf (Edward Weston and Magnum Contact Sheets for example).  While several of the books are continuations into learning more about artists whose work I already admire greatly - this year that is Michael Kenna and Edward Burtynsky.  

However the book I'm most excited about I happened to stumble upon accidentally. It is by Dutch photographer Hans van der Meer titled "European Fields: The Landscape of Lower League Football" in which depicts landscape scenes of soccer fields (with games going on) from around Europe.  You'd think this wouldn't be that compelling of a book, but from the samples I've seen, both the action in the scenes and the landscape around the fields create very compelling images.  

So without further ado...here is what's on my wish list this year (with links to Amazon):

(Note: Amazon's prices seem to change around some so the prices listed could vary...and I don't make any money on referring these books :) 

Avedon at Work in the American West by Laura Wilson

Price:  $50 (or cheaper used)

Avedon At Work in The American West

Joel Sternfeld:  American Prospects

Price: $40

Joel Sterfeld: American Prospects

Lartigue: Life in Color

Price: $23

Lartrique Life In Color

Rodney Smith Photographs

Price: $47

Rodney Smith Photographs

Edward Weston: 125 Photographs

Price: $42

Edward Weston 125 Photographs

Edward Burtynsky:  Essential Elements 

Price: $53

Ed Burtnysky Essential Elements

Julius Shulman Los Angeles:  The Birth of a Modern Metropolis

Price: $23

Julius Shulman Los Angeles

Road to Seeing: Dan Winters

Price: $59

Dan Winters Road To Seeing

Hans van der Meer: European Fields: The Landscape of Lower League Football

Price: $38

 Hans van der Meer

Michael Kenna: Rouge

Price: $46 

Michael Kenna Rouge

Magnum Contact Sheets

Price: $54

Magnum Contact Sheets


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