New (cheaper!) Wood Block Pricing

It's been a little silent on the Journal to begin the year, not for lack of scurrying behind the scenes.

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One of the first projects that I've been anxious to get complete is to revise the pricing on all the wood blocks that we make here.  I'm really excited to announce the following new pricing.

Wood Block and Print

The primary impetus in being able to lower pricing on these is the amount of wood volume I'm purchasing.  Since I began offering the wood blocks online, I've been making them in small batches which were much more pricey.  Since they've received a great response over the past year, I'm purchasing more wood up front - at a much cheaper cost, and moving all the production in-house which helps to reduce the costs.  The quality of the product won't change at all and I still make the same margins as before all while reducing the cost to clients - so it's a win-win for all parties.  

  Ash | Natural
Ash | Painted
Wood Block Only $19 $22 $24
Wood Block & Print $29 $32 $34

Plus all wood blocks ship free in the US!  

I hope you'll check them out! 

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