Rex & Ray 1939

A client recently mailed this old print to have re-framed.  Along with the print (which blew me away), he added...

"Interesting side note: my grandfather (Ray in the picture) and his twin brother were born in different grandfather on Dec. 31st and his brother, Rex Jan. 1st. Pretty crazy."

Saw & Mitre Framing Antique Prints

Saw & Mitre Frame Company Framing Antique Print

Along with the print, the client asked if I could retain the backing board from the original frame that included the inscription detailing the print.  Since it was smaller than the new frame, I choose to tape it (with acid free tape) to the back of the frame to keep that artifact along with the print and continue its story. 

Project Details:  Heirloom Collection in Maple with a Black finish, 8-ply matting with a slightly weighted border.

Saw & Mitre Frame Company

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