Website Update: Artist Pricing

If you've been scrolling through the website in the last week or so you might have noticed a couple changes to how we are displaying our pricing.  Earlier this year, I spent a couple weeks talking with some of our most loyal photographers asking them what I could do better to serve their needs.  One of the key ideas that came out of those conversations was showing our pricing online.  We have clients who can be classified as photo enthusiasts and we have clients who are working photographers.  For the working photographers who are planning to sell their work on to clients the issue of readily visible pricing becomes of more importance.  A photographer selling work to clients doesn't want to potentially be undercut by their supplier if they choose to sell their artwork more expensively than our traditional retail prices (and most all do).  As such I've made some changes to the site that will allow us to show prices on certain frames in front of the login and behind the login.  

For the time being, artist pricing will only apply to our Heirloom Collection frames. 

How to get artist pricing?

Simply fill out a quick form, we'll review it and then send back an email in a day or two granting access to log in and see the discounted rates for the Heirloom Frames.

Who can get artist pricing?

Seeing that we have a good mix of customers from photography enthusiasts to full-time photographers, I want to make the Heirloom frames available to pretty much anyone who would like to purchase them.  The good news is that you get the reduced pricing, the bad news (for some) is that you'll need to create a login prior to purchasing.  If you are a professional photographer simply fill out the form, provide your website and your pretty much done.  For anyone else just fill out the form and add a short note about yourself (and a funny joke if you want) and we'll get in touch as well :)

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