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Fine Frames for Your Finest Photographs

Signing up for our wholesale pricing is simple.  Just head over here and fill out this quick form telling us a little bit about yourself and your business.  We'll be back in touch in 1-2 business days.

Allow clients to experience your photographs daily in their homes with the finest hand made frames available.  With our boutique framing services for professional photographers we make it simple to provide exquisite and timeless framing.

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Saw & Mitre Frame Company, Boutique Framing Service for Professional Photographers

50-Year Craftsmanship Guarantee

Each frame is proudly hand made in our Virginia workshop.  We believe so much in the quality and detail of our work that we back it up with a 50 year craftsmanship guarantee.  Your clients grandchildren will be fighting over who gets to keep it!

"I have a lot of frames, but hands-down the nicest ones, made with the same kind of care with which I make my photographs, have come from Saw & Mitre. I love what they do, who they are, and what they’re about." 
  - David duChemin, Photographer & Best-Selling Author of Within The Frame.

Grow Your Profit Margin in Minutes

Our Pro Team partners work hard to make exceptional photographs for their clients.  We take care of making them look great on the wall while adding profit to your bottom line.  Saw & Mitre Pro's routinely mark-up frames 4 and 5 times our wholesale prices.  Place orders directly through our website in only a couple minutes time and we take care of the rest from there!

"In one word: WOW!"

  - Brian Tropiano, Wedding & Fine Art Photographer, Los Angeles, CA

"I received the absolutely gorgeous frame (nice packing job, btw!) and was so excited to show it off this morning to a maternity client....her husband was drooling over the hardwood construction :D"
  - Nataliya Lalor, Family Photographer & Educator, Fairfield, CT

An additional 25% Off Your First Order

Receive a 25% off discount code your first order to proudly display to clients.  Once you hold one of our frames in your hands and hang it on your wall, you'll see how a quality frame can help amplify a photograph.

Saw and Mitre Frame Company, Boutique Picture Framing Services for Professional Photographers

    The art of photography resides not only in the capture, but also in the presentation of the photograph. I can count on Saw & Mitre to create some of the finest, most elegant handmade frames around that both my clients and I can assure will last a lifetime!

      - Michael Strickland, Large Format Landscape Photographer

    Getting Started is Easy

    No commitments and no credit cards required. Just fill out the this quick application/registration form telling us a little bit about yourself (takes less than a minute) and we'll be in touch within 1-2 business days.  

    Space is limited!  We are a small, growing business and we seek to provide a quality and depth of service to our clients that is personal.  As such we can only accept a limited number of Artist Partners each year.  Join now!  

    Who Can Apply? 

    • Working photographers who plan to sell their photographs to clients.
    • Interior designers, photography galleries, and museum staff.
    • Photography enthusiasts who plan to purchase frames for their home or friends.


    Email us at  We'd love to hear from you!

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    It takes less than a minute, depending on how fast you type :)

    Saw & Mitre Frame Company, Boutique Picture Framing Services for Professional Photographers