Easy Photograph Mounting Instructions

Mounting your artwork for display is an easy process.  Here are some easy to follow instructions for getting your frame ready for everyone to see.  Repeat this process when you want to change your artwork.

Step 1: Make sure your hands are clean and that you have a clean, flat surface to place the frame.  A wood table top is ideal.

Step 2:  Set the frame face down on the surface and remove the pre-drilled screws from the back of the frame.  Now remove the Basswood strainer from the back of the frame.  

Step 3:  While holding the matting and wood together flip the frame over and remove the wood frame and acrylic. 

Step 4:  With just the matting and backing board in front of you, carefully removed the top mat board (the one with the opening).  The photograph should be placed on the matting and adjusted to line up appropriately with the top matting.  Optional: Place a soft, yet slightly weighted object on top of the art.  This will keep it in place.  Ex: a soft sock with several coins will do the trick.

Step 5:  Included with your purchase are either Japanese corners or mounting strips.  These should be placed around the edge of your frame to hold it securely.  

Step 6.  Put the matting, acrylic, and the wood frame back together and carefully turn the frame over.

Step 7:  Place the basswood strainer back on the frame and place the screws back into the frame.  Important:  Do not over tighten the screws.  Screw until it feels snug and the strainer is firmly in place.

Step 8:  Using the nail and hanging hardware, find the perfect spot, hang the frame and enjoy!